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Erotic massage Lviv

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Erotic massage Lviv

Welcome to the Imperia Massage Salon. Looking for the best erotic massage in Lviv? Come to us to experience heavenly bliss. Beautiful charmer waiting for you. Any of the charmer will do everything to give you maximum pleasure. Choose a blonde or brunette, an airy fairy or Venus with round shapes. In the salon “Empire” everyone will find a beauty to his taste.

It is time for sweet work! Forget about all the problems, relax and plunge into the abyss of pleasure. Imagine how naked girls caress you with their charms and gentle hands. Feel how nice it is when they touch particularly sensitive areas, helping you to reach the top of ecstasy.

Services and prices

massage Lviv

Эротический массаж Львов Джакузи с пенной
Secret desire

2000 UAH - 60 minutes / 2500 UAH - 90 minutes

Эротический массаж Львов Император

1300 UAH - 60 minutes / 1800UAH - 90 minutes

Эротический массаж Львов Империя

1000 UAH - 30 min(12:00-21:00) / 1600 UAH - 60 min / 2200UAH - 90 min


Beautiful fairies
Do your desires
Erotic Salon – This is a special, unforgettable pleasure and maximum relaxation. Nude girls will massage your body, caressing with their hands and their hobbies, paying attention to sensual erogenous zones, gradually leading to ecstasy.

Салон «Империя» предоставляет лучший эротический массаж во Львове. Мы находимся прямо в центре города и готовы предложить вам:
  • A great selection of masters for ero-massage.
  • All massage equipment.
  • Girls who have passed the medical commission and have proof of their health status.
  • Cozy atmosphere.
  • Relaxing music.
  • Aroma of essential oils, which has an exciting effect on the body and much more.
  • (Русский) Акции и скидки для постоянных гостей.
Эротический массаж Львов
Эротический массаж Львов
Эротический массаж Львов

In our salon you will meet young, charming girls. All of them perfectly own techniques of erotic massage. Not all our seducers are represented in the catalog of specialists. To get acquainted with the masters personally, you need to come to the Empire.

Each our visitor, getting into the gentle embraces of the girls, goes into another reality. You will feel the sensuality, passion, assertiveness and vigor of each gentle seductress.

We will elevate you to the peak of emotional bliss, remove muscle tension, help relax and recover from a hard day’s work. And only with us you can forget about everything.

In the Empire salon you can choose a wizard who will perform a massage for you. If you want to work with you, there will be several specialists. Each girl masterfully owns techniques of erotic massage, she will bring you to the peak of bliss, will relieve emotional and physical stress.

All specialists of  “Empire” are liberated and graceful nature. They know the psychological aspects, they can support the conversation, relax and add to the disillusionment.


Men’s Club “Empire”
When you visit us, you will find yourself in this elite men’s club, on the territory of Lviv. Empire – this is a salon of erotic massage with very cozy interiors, which from the first minutes tune in to the right order. The muted lighting, decorative design, aromatic candles, comfortable beds and sofas help you relax and enjoy the best of our programs. The rooms are equipped with all necessary equipment, for procedures (shower, jacuzzi). Visit our salon, which can rightly be considered the best salon of erotic massage in Lviv.

Erotic Massage Lviv

Подарочный сертификат Империя

Салон эротического массажа во Львов Империя

Салон эротического массажа Львов Империя

Еротичний масаж Львів

(Русский) Салон эротического массажа Империя во Львове

(Русский) массажный салон Львов

(Русский) массажка Львов

(Русский) Массажный салон во Львове

(Русский) массажка во Львове - Империя

Польза для здоровья

Ero-massage, made professionally, improves blood microcirculation, metabolism. The result of the visit to the “Empire” salon is much better than a trip to the spa. After all, we do not just follow the planned procedure, we strive to achieve harmony of soul and body.

Our masseuses are psychologists, experienced specialists who will collect your soul in grains, combine fragments of your senses, bring you joy and a special feeling in this life. You will be able to recharge with positive energy, fill the lack of lost power and upgrade to return to your normal life.

Our interior is constantly improving for you. If you have individual wishes, you want to give advice on improving the performance of our masseuses, then you can always dial by phone or by sending an email to the email address.

Every wish is a law for us. And in “Empire” you will find a better solution to your preferences. Here your cherished desires are realized.

Эротический массаж Львов Сексуальность
Эротический массаж Львов Польза для здоровья

Our friendly team invites masseuses to work! Highly paid salary, shift payments, flexible hours, training for girls without experience. Sex services are strictly prohibited!

Эротический массаж Львов Вакансии
The vacancy of a masseuse is open!

What’s in store for you? – Salary from 10.000 UAH per month, which we pay every shift – Flexible schedule – shift, we will select a convenient option for you, it is possible to combine with other work – Fast getting a job – Free education – Comfortable working conditions – If necessary, the possibility of accommodation – Complete security and confidentiality And remember, intimacy with us is excluded and strictly prohibited! What do we expect from you? – Attractive appearance, age 18-35; – Ability to maintain a conversation, be positive, cheerful and sociable – Punctuality – It will be great, but not necessary – knowledge of a foreign language, experience of professional massage