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What to choose, VIP massage or sex Lviv?

prostitutes in LvivSuch a question can arise only if a person is not aware of the difference between these types of erotic services. In this article, we will tell you what different sex massage and sex with a prostitute, and you can take a deliberate decision, which strawberry Lviv is more suitable for you.
According to statistics, 70-80% of prostitutes in Lviv are carriers of various diseases that are transmitted sexually. The lower the price of the girl you order, the higher the chance that after the session you will get an “unpleasant surprise”. But to be completely sure that you do not get infected, you can not even when ordering an elite prostitute.
In the salons of erotic massage the issue of hygiene is in the first place. All working girls have certificates that they are healthy, and regularly undergo medical examinations. After each session in the room for erotic massage, a thorough cleaning is carried out before the next visitors.
Sexually transmitted diseases not only cause discomfort and require time for treatment, but they can also compromise you before the second half if she also finds unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, if you want to be sure that the strawberry Lviv does not entail consequences for your health, choose erotic sex massage.

Sex Massage

If you are thinking about what to choose, VIP massage or prostitutes Lvov, then you have never tried high-quality sex massage. This procedure is carried out only by the true professionals of their profession who have undergone special training in various massage techniques. Self-respecting salons of erotic massage carefully follow the skills of their employees and the impression they leave for male clients.
It’s quite another thing – a prostitute Lviv. As you know, often in this profession are women who could not realize themselves in life in a different way. Many of them work “on stream”, accepting several customers per day. These girls have only the service of physiological relaxation, massage techniques are not available to everyone, and there is no need to talk about creating psychological comfort.
If you try to talk with a prostitute, then most likely she will tell you about her problems and her hard life. While the task of an erotic masseuse is to create not only physiological, but also psychological comfort to the client. A careful conversation about your desires, and maybe problems, will help you to remove the accumulated psychological stress and feel the renewal.
Many men who ordered a prostitute through the Internet, faced with the fact that the girl arrived was not like her photo in the questionnaire. Someone in this case refuses the services, and someone agrees to an affinity. But it is much nicer to retire with a beautiful girl with a figure and face model. In the salons of erotic massage there is a very hard casting in appearance, you can rate photos of our girls in the Gallery. All photos correspond to reality, in addition, before the session you can chat with the masseuse you like and evaluate emotional compatibility.
When ordering a prostitute, intimate contact is implied. The session of erotic massage of intimate contact does not provide. But why then sign up for sex massage, if it is without intimacy? Here are a few reasons:

  • Massage your erogenous zones not only with your hands, but with the whole body of a girl
  • Complex healing massage of your body in various techniques
  • Role-playing games using various accessories
  • Erotic programs: domination, lesbi-show, private dance, etc.
  • Absolute no-disease guarantee
  • Shower and Jacuzzi with selected girls
  • The atmosphere of romance, relaxation and solitude
  • There is no fact of betrayal to the other half;
  • Full confidentiality of your visit.

Thus, if you are only interested in the physiological process of copulation, your choice is the prostitutes Lvov. But if you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of romance and passion, experience complete bodily and spiritual relaxation, realize your most secret desires and feel yourself born again – you should try erotic massage.