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Erogenic massage

Erogen massage Lviv erotic massage were laid in ancient China and ancient India, where it was discovered that touching certain points of the male body causes an erection and prolongs the sexual intercourse. It was also in these ancient eastern countries that the stimulating effect of essential oils was discovered, their use in erogenous massage intensified its effectiveness.

Nowadays erogenous massage has again become popular. And it is not surprising, because this technique, although it does not in itself provide for intimate contact, gives the man a sea of ​​pleasure. Erogenic massage helps to relax and relieve the accumulated discomfort in the muscles, which contributes to psychological stability. Romantic atmosphere in the salon helps to disconnect from everyday worries and plunge into the world of sexual sensuality.
Take a couple of erotic massage sessions , and you will get rid of stress and recharge with positive energy. Regular sessions of erotic massage and without intimas strengthen the erection and prolong stamina in bed. Just imagine – first you go to an erotic massage, and then start to amaze your soul mate.
Ero massage without intimacy saves families. You can even take your soul mate into the salon and immerse yourself in this ancient oriental art alone, unless, of course, it is not too conservative. During a joint erotic massage, partners learn to better understand each other without words, at the level of emotions and touches. The session of erogenous massage for couples usually begins with the help of masseuses, and then the partners stay together.

Massage erotic techniques

Erotic massage without intimacy is not a science, but an art. There is no one correct technique, every girl does massage in her own style. However, in the variety of directions and styles of erogenous massage, it is possible to single out programs that are particularly popular among men:

      Thai body massage. The whole body is worked from the top of the head to the tips of the toes, and then there is a smooth transition to the erogenous zones;
      Aquaplane massage. It is done only in a jacuzzi. Relaxation is achieved by rubbing naked bodies against each other. It is possible to add a special gel to enhance the slip.
      Tantric erotic massage. Here the main accent from the very beginning is put on the genital area. Massage is usually accompanied by the use of candles and aroma oils and is conducted under Indian ethnic music.
      Sakura branch. The whole body of a man is subjected to kisses and biting.
      Domination. This massage usually includes elements of flogging on the part of the girl, it is also possible to tie a man if he so wishes.
      Lesbi massage. First, the two girls do nicely to each other, and then switch all their attention to the man.

In our erotic salon you can try and evaluate these and other varieties of sex massage.

The benefits of erogenous massage

Unlike the usual massage session in the treatment room, erotic massage is useful not only for your body, but also for your soul. He gives pleasure, awakens your masculinity and frees you from the accumulated negative energy.
Ero massage allows you to awaken your sexuality, open it to the fullest and channel it in the right direction. After several sessions of erogenous massage, you will notice that you have changed externally and internally, and things have gone smoothly in your life.
Erotic massage is extremely diverse, it can be done alone or alone, on a bed or in a jacuzzi. In the massage session organically weaves relaxing music, alcoholic drinks, lighted candles and essential oils. You can combine massage with elements of role-playing games, using accessories and show programs, such as private dance or lesbian shows.
In modern times, the ancient technique of erotic massage is constantly evolving and improving, adapting itself to the needs of modern men. Therefore, this type of recreation you are unlikely to quickly get bored.