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Massage of erogenous zones

massage member Massage is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring pleasure to a person. Especially strong effect is massage of the erogenous zone, which can be done both for men and women. There is a misconception that massage of erogenous zones is only a massage of the penis or vaginal massage. But in fact, erogenous zones are located throughout the body of a person, and if you know their location, you can deliver a person sexual pleasure and without intimacy or touching the genitals.

Member Massage

Do not confuse the massage of the penis with the usual masturbation, which a man can do on his own, and completely free. Massage of the penis is a lot of techniques that professional masseuses know to deliver an unforgettable pleasure to a man. With the usual progressive movements, everything is simple and straightforward, but what else can gentle women’s hands do:

  • “Extract fire” – neat trituration of tender and sensitive flesh of the penis between the palms. Soft enough not to injure sensitive skin, but also confident enough that the man experienced pleasure.
  • “Rubbing” – this technique is like the grinding of frozen hands frozen in the frost. The penis lies motionless in one hand of the girl, and her other hand gently performs massage movements.
  • “To turn a head” – during this movement the penis is directed strictly upwards, and the fingers moistened by the lubricant of the girl describe the circles around the head and around it with a change in the tempo and speed of movement.
  • “Slipping” – involves not only a massage of the penis, but also the testicles. While one hand caresses the scrotum, the second gently strokes the penis up and down, while the fingers pay special attention to the head.
  • “Squeezing” – the girl alternately squeezes various parts of the penis. The squeezing force is determined by the reverse reaction, and if everything happens normally, gradually increases.

As a rule, during the massage of the penis does not begin immediately. First, there is a massage of erogenous zones on the palms, feet, back and abdomen, and then the girl gradually passes to the most important.

Vaginal massage

There is a popular misconception that massage of the erogenous zone is only necessary for men. In fact, erotic massage is necessary and useful to all, especially since women can get more pleasure from it, because a woman’s body by nature is more sensitive. In addition, an erotic massage for women can help realize the dream of intimacy with a partner of their own sex (but it is worth remembering that it occurs without intimacy).
At the beginning of the massage session, the whole body warms up, from the head and shoulders, to the buttocks, legs and feet. Particular attention is paid to the back, neck and chest – it is in these areas are the most sensitive erogenous zones in girls. Vaginal massage consists of touches, strokes and pressure of various strengths first in the labia and movement continues until it is completely discharged.
The entire genital area in women is permeated with sensitive nerve endings, a skillful touch to which can cause strong sexual arousal, and then getting an orgasm. For this, it is not at all necessary to use the penis or its replacement from an intimate shop, just simple sleight of hand. In massage sessions for girls, candles, incense and essential oils are often used, since they allow women’s sensuality to be fully revealed.
The classic session of erotic massage begins with caressing erogenous zones throughout the body with a smooth transition to the genital organs. It is this technique that allows a person to relax most fully, remove existing muscle and psychological clamps, and, of course, experience sexual relaxation. It is worth noting that in the hands of a skilled masseuse, sexual discharge occurs several times per session, and without intimacy.