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Thai erotic massage in Lviv

The technique of Thai massage appeared more than two millennia ago. Initially, it was used to give pleasure to rich and powerful men. Today, such services are available to everyone. Sessions are conducted by experienced professional masseuses who are familiar with all the secrets of the procedure.

The technique is based on four principles and is fundamentally different from the approaches used in the traditional European massage. The greatest emphasis is placed on stretching and pressing techniques. The masseur begins to move at the level of the lower extremities, gently moving to the trunk and toward the head, and then – in the opposite direction. First, the tricks are done gently, carefully, and then with great effort. Each movement is made in the direction from the legs to the head.

The task of a professional masseuse is to make the man happy. Sessions are held in an intimate atmosphere, where nothing prevents the receipt of bright, powerful emotions. Entering the office, the client takes a comfortable position on the massage table. As the methods are being performed, the man will change his position several times: first manipulations are performed on the side, then on the back, and afterwards – in the sitting position. Before using the breast and other parts of your body, the masseuse warms the surface of the skin with the pads of your fingers and prepares the client for the main session.

How to do Thai massage

Professionals know how to turn a session into a stream of unforgettable emotions. You just relax and enjoy every movement of the girl. The best masseuses know how to deliver bliss to visitors. During the session, he practices several impact techniques:

  • Kneading and stroking to prepare the body for the basic relaxing procedure. The masseuse performs rhythmic movements, smoothly manipulating her hands. A special oil is applied to the client’s body.
  • “Squeezing”, when every movement of the masseuse becomes smooth, but all impacts have sufficient strength.
  • Rubbing with a clasp when the customer feels rubbing the body. The hands of the masseuse pull on the skin, grab, lift and squeeze it.

Thai erotic massage in lviv
During the session you will be able to evaluate other, more intimate techniques of Thai erotic massage . Girls have an impact on intimate parts of the body and erogenous men’s zones with the help of special techniques. Masked masseuses skillfully work not only with their hands, but also with the whole body, using special aroma oils. Seductive masters guarantee their customers a colossal release of sweet emotions. Be sure, the effect of this procedure is stunning.

If you are interested in quality Thai massage Lviv this or a suburb, we offer the services of our professional women. We have collected the best girls who are able to deliver pleasure and do it qualitatively. For the procedures we have created all the conditions: a comfortable and intimate atmosphere, as well as the conditions of complete confidentiality will help to forget about all the problems and conventions and completely immerse themselves in the process.
Once you have visited an erotic massage session, you will want to return to us again. Make sure in person!