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How to diversify sex life?

In the life of any married couple, and sometimes young people, not related to marriage, there comes a time when you want something new in the intimate sphere. And if there is no desire to change your partner, thereby destroying the relationship, there is a way out – sexual diversity.

Why do we need diversity? In those days, when the partners only got to know each other, sympathy arose, then interest and excitement. Any person is attracted by the unknown: what the partner can do, what to surprise, what to show. And this fuels the imagination, you need to desire more constantly.
Then comes the time when young people became friends and began to live together. And if, before cohabitation, the couple was eager to reunite in any place, then after a while thereafter a desire to relax a little from each other. Usually this salvation of young people is found in friends, fishing, games, and women – at girlfriends, in karaoke or cafe. Gossip, discussions, as well as a little distraction from your partner, re-energizes interest. But if nothing changes in sex, then rest from each other will not be a way out of the situation.
Men are more prone to polygamy, they often look at other women. But they do not lag behind the male: if the partner is bored, thoughts of another settling even the most modest and loving housewives. Variety means to look at the partner from the other side, to see his new facets. And let the body remain the same, but the emotions will be completely different – this is what is important in supporting the relationship.

Ways to diversify the intimate life

The fantasy of many people who deal with such an important issue is limited only to games with disguise in other characters. In fact, everything is much thinner and more interesting than it might seem at first glance. The most popular and effective methods of diversity of the sexual sphere:

  • A joint view of movies of the 18+ category. It is worth starting with at least this. Thus, each of the partners learns about each other a little more, and the films should be selected different topics. Yes, there is something that both do not accept, but there is something that both will like, and then it can be implemented;
  • Erotic lingerie. This applies not only to women, but also to men. The underwear of various styles opens its place among other views, and this makes you stronger than just strip naked;
  • Striptease. This action is again intended for both sexes. You can include cash incentives in the game, or you can arrange a whole show. Erotic music and smooth movements few people will remain indifferent;
  • Oral and anal sex. At least one new type of sexual intercourse is simply necessary to maintain diversity;
  • Toys from a specialized store. It is best to make a trip to the sex shop together, and if there is a general shyness, you can consider the goods on the site and order delivery. In any case, it is not worth to miss the opportunity to please yourself and your partner with new sensations;
  • Sex in an unusual place. It can be an elevator, a balcony, a tent, a park and any other places to which boldness and imagination are enough. Extreme sensations are guaranteed, but do not forget about several witnesses with cameras;
  • Messages on the phone about the desire for sex at work or in an unexpected place. In this case, they mean little stories about what the partner wants at this moment, how much and what is ready to do for this. This is an interesting practice that often leads to new discoveries and an immediate desire to get a partner right now;
  • Provocative actions. Someone can flaunt a lingerie around the apartment, actively bending down, someone can cling to a partner when he is busy with ordinary things – everything is limited only by imagination and the situation. It inflames passion because of an unexpected rush;
  • BDSM. Even though it will not be that tough action with the rules, you can lightly hurt – slaps and expressions of various parts of the body in tandem with the pleasure received will bring no less new sensations. It’s almost like sweet and sour sauce;
  • New positions and words during sexual intercourse. Kama Sutra will be an excellent way to start, and then you can invent something of your own and try. And the words – this is what the partner wants to hear in the process, perhaps it will be insults, perhaps affectionate polustony;
  • Erotic massage , exploration of new pleasure points. More lubrication and desire, and you can also give a partner to show what and how exactly he wants with his own hands. This will lead a lot, although it should initially seem stupid.

how to diversify the sexual life

General recommendations

To be shy is forbidden. This is a categorically wrong tactic of behavior, if this is not provided for by the game. Uncertainty can spoil everything that was intended;

You can not force a partner. This can result in resentment at best and parting at worst;

Alcohol for the first practitioner can help relax. But do not get carried away, otherwise there is a risk of falling asleep or overdoing anything.

Mood for a change, too, should be. It is worth organizing a little romance, and the partner will already be more sympathetic to perceive the new and unusual;

Conversation is the key to everything. Constant interest in desires, in what is happening in the process, what one likes and what does not want, will lead to mutual understanding, which is often not enough in pairs.
Sexual diversity is an integral part of a successful relationship. Do not be afraid of the new, you need to experiment and try, otherwise you will never know what it is and how many sensations it could bring.